Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day Delivery brings Mom to the Rescue!

Not again! Ah, but does the enemy think this will stop the delivery of water to missionaries - It Will Not!
Dad and I unload 754 bottles of water plus all the boxes of cosmetics for the Spa Day mission trip out of the trailer and our vehicle and put ALL of it into their vehicle...
Even though it's Mother's Day...Mom is treating us! Fuel and Fritos for this unexpected trip.
Mom and Dad's vehicle was loaded! Dave and I squeezed onto one seat.....

Water delivery successful! The campers at the Special Touch Retreat will have refreshing water to drink this week!
One happy group! Tired but happy!

But God Meant It Unto Good

My vehicle broke down twice within a couple weeks time....Once while we were out for a day for fun and the other while we were trying to deliver water to a while the guys worked on the vehicle I made these salvation bracelets that are used by a missionary...I am trusting that what the enemy meant for evil God will turn it into good for His glory...I pray that these 33 bracelets will represent 33 souls!

I Love Mondays!

On Mondays, we are either processing donations or packing care packages to be shipped or a little of both. Either activity is fun. Processing donations means God is supplying through a network of people items needed by missionaries either personally or for the people they are ministering to and helping within their mission field. Having items missionaries need and being able to pack them in a box and while doing so imagine the smile on their face when they open that box....well it makes for a great time!

A school where MKs attend used to be able to have their first aid supplies provided - they have lost that provision so notices were sent home to the missionary parents that listed supplies needed at the school - the parents were asked to help supply these items - we were able to send Band-aids and a box of children's acetaminophen to help meet this need.
These hats were knitted by a local small group, Hats for Hope. They were shipped out today to missionaries who will provide them to a displaced pygmy tribe.
This crew was shipped out today to a missionary who will use them to minister to children in Namibia.

This crew will be helping with children's ministry in Taiwan.
These two will be involved with a missionary's ministry in Uganda.

And here it's load ready for the Post Office. A box to Senegal; Nambia; Zambia; Missouri; Orlando, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Taiwan via a stopover in Plant City, FL; Spain; Uganda; and two boxes within the state of Washington.

Amazing Provision

When a missionary's budget is overwhelmed with large needs like a vehicle and dental work - cutbacks on those everday indulgences like coffee become necessary but then that's where God's Share Program comes in...we like to provide missionaries with the things they miss to offer them encouragement... do to serious health issues this missionary uses organic foods and her favorite coffee brand is when an offer was made to provide this missionary coffee from an oversupply in a church's pantry well...seriously I never thought they would have Starbucks organics...but the Pastor's wife had prayed that the coffee they had in abundance would include the missionary's favorite brand...I was AMAZED to find 3 bags of Starbucks organic coffee. Our God never ceases to amaze...His provision...His timing...

First Mission Trip through GSP

Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy Mondays!

Mondays are busy days. We always have donations to process and boxes to pack for shipping!
Above is Box 11. It will be headed to Zambia as soon as we secure $139.50 in shipping funds. It contains 160+ onsies plus blankets, a pair of shoes, caps and bibs. These will all go to women in prison who are about to deliver, to orphans, and to mother's attending the missionary's clinics in the bush.
This is Box 11 also destined for Zambia. It requires $84.50 for shipping. It contains cloth diapers, vinyl pants, crocheted hats (to keep those little heads warm!), socks and bottles.

This stack of boxes is full of toiletries and over the counter remedies that we will be providing to local missionaries who minister to the hurting and addicted of the Tampa Bay region.

And here's todays shipment all loaded up for the Post Office. These packages are headed for Belgium, Uganda, Zambia, and other US destinations. It took 3 trips to get all these packages into the Post Office. It was a busy day for them too. Between the line and my time at the counter I spent 30 minutes there.