Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday Night Children's Class Makes Salvation Bracelets for Motorcycle Missionary

Christmas Stockings for Missionaries to Native Americans

Well much care and much fun too!!!

the stockings have been filled by Barb and Vickie with much care!

These ladies made beautiful necklaces to go in the girl's stockings. The necklaces they make are made from left over church bulletins. Now how cool is that!

Nina (left) and ladies from the crafting small group at Zephyrhills First Assemblymade 50 beautiful stockings. 40 were filled to go to missionaries to use for a Christmas Outreach to Native American children the other 10 were sent to missionaries in Europe to use for outreach

Christmas Care Package Packing

Our New Home - July 2009

Our Place!

Front Door

Dave working on our sign

Susan and Vickie stocking the missionary inventory room

Dad and various volunteers putting together the shelving for the missionary inventory room

Moving Day!