Monday, September 8, 2008

You Are A Star!

This year for our annual fundraiser we rolled out the red carpet for the missionaries and our supporters. To us at God's Share Program missionaries and our supporters definitely qualify for Star status! Check out these great photos taken by our GSP papparazzi...

VLC Missionettes Group

Missionettes learned about GSP and made witness bracelets for motorcycle missionaries.

Got Water?

Thanks to Zephyrhills Water and HIS Storehouse GSP was able to provide 22 cases of individually bottle waters for Joe and Ann's Special Touch retreat.

Spa Day at the Special Touch Retreat

All the ladies at the Special Touch retreat enjoyed a few hours at the "spa"! Through some great donations we received we were able to supply nail polishes, cosmetics, and such through God's Share Program for their spa day.

Missionaries with Bunny Ears???

Nah, that's just their pastor with a sense of humor! Missionaries Joe and Ann were in great spirits as they geared up for their Special Touch retreat.