Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ladder Climbing....

Someone has been climbing the ladder of success..... In all seriousness, I want to introduce you to Kristi Bee Price. Kristi has been serving as Vice President of God's Share Program for over a year. She has been a volunteer for several years. She started out running errands, then added helping with office work, from there she began helping to keep the thrift store stocked, now she has become my (Kim's) second-in-command. She cashiers 4-5 days a week from 9-2, stocks shelves, is in charge of the shoe department, still runs errands, does many of our donation pick-ups and deliveries, cleans the restrooms, helps shop for items for our mission projects and whatever else just needs doing during the school year. In the summer months she is not able to be here everyday but she is always on-call and pops in from time to time to do as many of these jobs as she can. She has caught the vision of God's Share Program and is more than willing (ever excited!) to serve side by side in what God has called me (Kim) to do as the founder of God's Share Program. Every part of our team is vital and important. However, it's great to have that one person that is willing and wants to be working with you side by side, pulling together for this awesome ministry of God's Share Program and running the North Ave Thrift Store. The thrift store is vital for raising funds to house God's Share Program in a beautiful building and cover overhead expenses besides also helping fund our mission projects.
The new roof is done! It will take about a month for the TPO to shrink up - then it will look like a sheet of glass. It's beautiful and bright and ready to keep out all the rain this rainy season. Thank you Mike & Crew, TLC Roofing, Dade City, FL.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Roof Work Begins!!!

Project Roof2016 has begun! So exciting! The cost of the roof with loan closing costs is $10,000. We have 3 years to pay off the loan but the goal is to do it in one year! With God we can do this! Let's show the Bank what our God can do!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Today's Shipments

2 Boxes of Ministry Resources Shipping out today to Japan and Austria

Friday, April 15, 2016

And So It Begins..... The New Roof!!!

Soooo excited! Closed on the loan this morning. Roof supplies delivered this afternoon! The rainy season is fast approaching and we need a new roof before then! A week ago I went to see the loan officer at our bank. With financial reports in hand I was able to secure a loan for our roof. Thank you Jesus! The goal will be to pay the loan off in record time. This loan will allow us time to raise the funds we need for the roof and help us build credit for God's Share Program. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Catching the Vision....

In 2009 God spoke to my heart to open a thrift store. So I did. A thrift store would provide us a building to house our ministry and provide funding. He directed us to a building on North Ave. As word of mouth is the best advertisement we simply called our thrift store the North Ave Thrift Store that way name and location was all the same. It's a place where we sell high volume at low dollar so that all of our items are affordable for various income brackets. This also allows us to keep product moving out the door and not stockpiling as space is limited. The best compliments we receive is when customers say... "This is my favorite store." What is truly awesome is when our customers also catch the vision of the ministry of God's Share Program and bring us items for our mission projects. This is a picture of socks that a customer brought by just today.