Saturday, June 21, 2008

God's Promises

Friday night we were driving home on I75. We could tell that in front of us was a huge cloud putting down a lot of rain! As we got closer we begin to see a portion of a rainbow, just before we hit the downpour we could see the entire rainbow. It was beautiful. I don't know about you but I never tire of seeing a rainbow. It always reminds me of God and His promises.

Thursday at the M.O.D. 6/19/08

Between a vehicle that didn't want to start and an illusive cell phone in "silent" mode our early start Thursday morning was soon hindered! But finally we were able to delve in to begin dividing out donations and getting them ready for shipment to the Missionaries.
Dave unloading boxes and boxes of socks and underwear.
e-mails received from Missionaries in response to gum, T-shirts, socks and underwear needs.
T-shirts and gum to be divided out.
Sorting T-shirts Dividing out packs of gum.
Sorting and counting socks.
You've heard of sitting on a suitcase to shut it, well this is me standing on a chair to pursuade 75 pairs of little girl's underwear, 75 pairs of girls socks, and 75 pairs of boys socks to fit in the largest box I had on hand! We are sending 4 of these boxes 1 to each Indian Reservation that one of the Missionarys work with.
Here's what we have boxed up today and made ready for shipment!

Loaded to the Hilt x 2

We made 2 trips to Dr. Rodney White's warehouse to pick up little girls' underwear and boys and girls socks, and one laser color printer that we hope to be able to use in assisting Missionaries with printing.
Originally the plan was to send the little girls' underwear to Missionaries in Zambia and Malawi who will in turn give them to the orphanages they work with. We will still be doing this but as there is plenty to go around we are also giving them to Missionaries who work with children in the Dominican Republic, Namibia, and Indian Reservations in the U.S.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank You Dr. White

Today was a fun day, we had the privilege of meeting Dr. Rodney White of Investing in Futures, Inc. He blessed us with 2 loads of girls underwear and boys and girls socks. We will be in turn providing these to Missionaries in Zambia and Malawi where they will be used by children in orphanges there.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why we do what we do.........

This is the printing on some T-Shirts that were donated to us today. What a great way to say it!
Jesus did it! He loved people, He healed people, He was honest, He told it like it was, He went around doing good, He prayed for us, He lived what He preached, He died on a cross for us, He rose from them dead and He lives today! That's why we do what we do at GSP to serve Missionaries who do what they do in taking the Gospel message to the nations.

Do you chew?

Yep, that's what I asked all the Missionaries 'cause we have lots of gum to share!

First of Many

We have agreed to ship one box of medical supplies each month to a Missionary couple who returned to the mission field in May. They left us with a case of medical gloves. Each month we will ship them a box with medical gloves and other misc supplies. The first box is on it's way!

A Gift that will Keep On Giving

God spoke and moved on the hearts of a couple different people and the end result is that this book was shipped to a Missionary who in turn will give it to a national Pastor and his new bride. I am sure that this couple will not only use this resource for themselves but will also use what they have learned to teach and guide those in their congregation. Thank you to those who had ears to hear!

Ship Me! Ship Me!

Yep, that's what all these packages are saying! Each priority flat rate box you see here is "waiting in the wings" for it's shipment overseas. Why are they waiting? You guessed it - FUNDS! These boxes are full of scrapbooking supplies that are tools for EVANGELISM - now how creative is that!!! On average each box weighs 18 lbs. Barb aka MOM just finished packing up all these boxes last Tuesday. (See previous photos!) There are 20 boxes total. 16 of the boxes will cost 49.95 each to ship. 4 of the boxes will cost 38.95 to ship. Why would we send all of this? SOULS, SOULS, and more SOULS!!!!

Meet Kathy!

Kathy is a wonderful new addition to our GSP team this year! She is in charge of all the birthday and anniversary cards/gifts that are sent to all the Missionaries and their children! It's a huge task to remember who's birthday is when, consider what cards are appropriate to send, and a whole lot of other stuff. Kathy is doing a great job! So if you are a Missionary or MK and you liked receiving an anniversary/birthday card send up a prayer for this career Mom and GSP volunteer!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Day at the Office

Hey! Who snuck in that picture! Well since it's here....
It looks a little messy at the moment but this is our office! The last week or so has been busy with rebuilding our inventory database thanks to our previous database files being corrupted (not a virus just a database issue), assisted a Missionary with a newsletter, researched briefcase tabletop displays to include a little e-bay bidding (that's fun!), re-stocked Kathy with cards and stamps (she takes care of sending out all the birthday and anniversary cards to the Missionary families), updated our blog (obviously), creating our June newsletter, updating and printing our brochures, and of course reading and sending all the Missionary e-mails and sending out our e-hotline e-mails to keep everyone updated on needs and prayer requests. Everyday I am thankful that God has set this path before me. I am truly blessed to know that I am doing what God has called me to do. I love getting to know all the Missionaries and learning how we can work together to help them accomplish what they are called to do.

Closing out another great day...

And here's that final picture of packages ready for their trip to the Post Office Wednesday morning!

These packages represent children's curriculum that will be used to teach children, markers that will be used for outreach, over the counter remedies that will save a Missionary about $80, markers that will be used to write songs in many lanaguages on flip charts, and so much more!

What is not included in these pictures are all the boxes Barb (aka Mom) packed with scrapbooking materials. This has been an ongoing project as we box up the scrapbooking materials and then set them aside to await funds for shipping. I think she packed about 5 or 6 boxes which represents about 100 lbs of scrapbooking resources in about a hour and a half. GO MOM!

Special Visitors

We had some special visitors at the M.O.D. Tuesday evening! Check out the cases of hair gel.
We started storing them on this set of shelving....

Thenwe filled up underneath this counter.....

We stored some more underneath this table....

And finally put the rest underneath the desk.....

6/3 M.O.D. Tuesday

Curriculum to prep for shipment to Missionaries.
Counting and packing markers.
Here's a picture of most of the packages and boxes we prepped for shipment. The 2 large boxes of curriculum are already in the vehicle and since one weighed around 45 lbs and the other just slightly less I wasn't about to carry them back in for a Kodak moment. :)

Thursdays Fruit

Here is the result of a workday at the M.O.D. last Thursday, 5/29. Even in 90+ heat and humidity with no air conditioning and little breeze we were able to box up all these ministry resources and items for the Missionaries themselves. And now we are ready for a trip to the Post Office!

Bottles, Blankets and Books....

Here's some pics of just a portion of the items we are shipping out. The bottles and blankets along with clothing items and diapers will be used to keep orphan babies warm and well fed! The books will be used by a national gal who travels village to village reading books to the children. The beautfiul Bible story book above should be a great treat for all!

The Great Marker Sort

Dave spent quite a few hours removing all the markers from their cardboard sleeve and sorting them by color. Without the cardboard sleeve we can ship a lot more markers for a lot less money!