Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Up on the Roof..... Again

Well it's official, we are going to have to take more drastic steps to care for our roof. The drains are higher than most of the roof surface. This leads to ponding water. All that water up on our roof is just not a good thing. To let this continue on could mean a collapsed roof which is totally unacceptable. We want to be good stewards of the building God has blessed us with. We are getting estimates. The most favorable option right now is having a metal roof put on. The contractor would form a peak down the middle of the roof so that water would drain off the front and back of the building. We would also have to have additional gutter systems installed. We are more than likely looking at a $10,000 price tag. If God should put upon your heart to help us obtain this new roof system we will use donations noted with Roof2016 for this project. Not only would we have a new roof, I would have more time to focus on missions projects as I won't be up on the roof sweeping off the lake of water. We need to get this roof done before the Florida rainy season so time is of the essence. The contractor is booked a month out so we would be looking at some time in May. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Namibia Bound

This box of ministry resources is on it's way to Namibia. That's in Africa if ya didn't know... Great outreach items for a children's ministry there.

We Care!

One care package shipping out today to a missionary family. We send out lists of items available to missionary families via e-mail and maintain pictures of items available on our website. Once a request is sent to us from a missionary family in our program we box up the items and send them on their way. All free of charge!

Backpacking in the Bush for the Gospel

7 more All Weather Backpacks shipping out today to Africa. These will be distributed by missionaries to Pastors who ride motorcycles into more remote areas of the African Bush to share the Gospel! These heavy duty backpacks will keep their Bibles and other documents safe and dry.

I Can See Clearly Now....

2 Boxes of Prescription Eyeglasses shipping out today. Missionaries will take them into different countries to fit people with the correct eyeglasses while sharing with them a new vision for their life.....a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Setting Sail to Zambia

We began last year sending shipments via boat to Zambia. These 11 boxes are filled with school supplies for schools at Prisons and schools in the bush. They also include other great items like toothbrushes, toothpaste and children's underwear. Some items will also benefit children at an orphanage. Meeting basic needs means children learning about their #1 need - the need to know Jesus Christ as Saviour.

In the News

We help missionaries in a variety of ways. For one missionary this means keeping her database up to date. We also print, fold, stuff, label and post her quarterly newsletters.

Curriculum to Cape Town

Just recently we received an awesome donation of Sunday School Curriculum! Couldn't wait to box it all up and get it on it's way. It will catch a container out of MI headed for Cape Town, SA.

A New School Year is just around the Corner for Filipino Children

In the last couple weeks we have shipped another 6 Balikbayan boxes to missionaries in the Philippines. This will be the last of the supplies that will make it in time for the distribution of school supplies for the thousands of Filipino children living in poverty or on the streets. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Another Taxing Hurdle Cleared

That big property tax bill is paid! And the best news.... our North Ave Thrift Store is doing well so it's so exciting to be able to use those funds for our overhead including extra expenses like a one-time property tax bill. This way donated funds by supporters goes right into missions projects. Yes, we did change from a lease to a purchase on the property where we are located. Yes, we are a tax exempt organization. However, since the building was not owned by us on January 1st we have to pay this tax bill. We received a credit on the closing costs for the previous owners half of the tax bill. But when it's all said and done we still had to come up with the total tax bill amount of $2,702.78. As a non-profit ministry we want all the funding possible to go to our charitable purpose which of course is resourcing missionaries. However, we do have to keep in mind that there will come days when maintenance issues will arise either with our vehicle, cargo trailer and/or building. So it's a constant challenge of being fiscally responsible yet funding the missions projects God directs our way. It's an exciting day today to know the check for the taxes is in the mail (no really, it is....). It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that God is soooooooo good!

God's Share Program is Still Trucking On....

The blue flame truck has gotten all it's issues fixed... new tires, rear differential replaced, new tensioner, new radiator hose, missing bolts from transmission put in, hub/bearing replaced, new ignition cylinder, new rear brakes, new front brakes, new tie rod ends and an alignment.... whew! hopefully she will keep trucking with no issues for a few more months....