Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Great Start

So the New Year is off to a great start. We haven't posted for awhile - the Christmas Season is just so busy packing and sending a specially tailored care package to each missionary family we serve along with ministry supplies they need. Now the New Year is here.  We are just 3 weeks in and already we have been able to pack and send a lot of supplies to various countries around the world. These pictures represent 2 boxes going to the Philippines filled with supplies and clothing the children need in order to attend school; a box of school supplies for children in Uganda, a box of ministry supplies headed for Japan; a box of toiletries for refugees in Spain; adult hats and shirts going to Zambia, Latin America/Caribbean, the Philippines and Austria. Not pictured are 3 boxes (142 lbs!) of Bibles and Commentaries headed to Cape Town, South Africa. For every item these boxes contain that will be distributed free of charge to whomever needs them the recipients will hear about and experience the love of Jesus Christ.