Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesdays with Kim

Tuesday night my Mom took pity on me and came out to the M.O.D. to work. She doesn't like this picture but Hey Mom! you've heard about paybacks, right?! hee hee hee hee..... Besides I told her she was laughing and it was a great picture. Can she pack or what! Look at this box so perfectly done! We don't pay to ship packing materials at GSP!
And boy did I keep her busy! Course you already know packing each box is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and just when you think you're beginning to see the picture take shape, we decide hey if we added another deoderant and toothpaste we could put all this in a flat rate box and save $5 bucks on shipping!
Then I thought I lost her....couldn't find her anywhere and the M.O.D. ain't THAT big!
Now Mom, there's no time to play hide and seek with the boxes! We have to get those shipped out to the Missionaries!
And I don't know WHO this person is! She showed up to work but looks to me like she's having way too much fun!


This is my laptop recharging after just 2 hours of work. Must be nice!

Data Entry

This is all the items that were purchased and donated this week being added to our inventory database.

Saturday's trip to the M.O.D. to work

This is where all items are stored when they are first brought into the M.O.D. (Missionary Outreach Depot) from here they get entered into inventory and then stocked on the shelves.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ladies Like Lydia

I spent last evening, Monday, April 14th, with my friends at Dade City Christian. This ladies group is part of the people network that makes up God's Share Program! They are a wonderful and generous group! We talked about the needs of Missionaries who are returning to the States on furlough and the fact that furlough is no vacation! Listening in on their meeting last night and being connected to them for the past year I know this group of women and their church have a great heart to reach out to their own community and beyond. Thank You Ladies Like Lydia!

Team Work

We met a new friend, Missionary Cindy, via our Missionary friends the Silvas. We had a one day window of opportunity to provide Cindy a box of needed supplies. So we gathered the items, packed them up and sent them priority mail to our friends the Silvas. This is a photo of Mike giving our GSP package to Cindy.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Andy's Confession

Mom went shopping for all the Missionaries. While they were at church I went through the bags. There weren't no food but I couldn't resist chewing on some erasers and a bar of soap. I tried to hide the evidence by using your dental floss, but to no avail. I was busted. Mom says I have to ask you to forgive me for using your stuff. She says I owe $5 so I'll be splitting my treats into thirds for awhile to make up the costs. Please forgive me, your four-legged friend, Andy.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Eva and I were so blessed to receive that Valentines package. It's easy to feel cut off from friends and family back home when you're serving overseas. The package was like a tangible expression of God's love and made us feel loved and appreciated. We really appreciate all that you and your team are doing to encourage missionaries and reminding us that we are connected and loved!

Shipment Arrives

Dear Kim and your wonderful GSP team!

Guess what arrived today?? The very large box from you! WOW ...very over whelming! All those tapes (Bible on tape) for my blind friends at the weaving factory it is such a blessing and all the reading glasses and sunglasses too!! (Kirk took out a couple of pair of reading glasses and also gave a couple of pair to our missionary colleague Bill who is visiting from Lilongwe.
The chicken noodle soup is such a treat! And the nice padded back cover for my scooter is so nice!THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! WHAT A BLESSING!