Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Fun!

Ah, summer fun..... So I hope you weren't expecting photos from the beach! No - summer fun for us here at God's Share Program is finding even more missions projects to get involved with. In fact, we were having so much fun I forgot to take pictures of all the boxes we shipped out! I did find a few pictures that I could share with you. The top picture shows boxes of supplies going to missionaries in Haiti. We learned this summer that they have opened a medical clinic. So we have been shipping them a variety of medical supplies. One picture I don't have is of the 324 flu & germ kits that we sent their way. Those were 3 light but huge boxes! We also learned that the missionaries in Haiti distribute thousands of reading glasses each year. Hey, we have plenty of those on hand so we shipped around 650 pairs to them. 

We sent 3 boxes of medical supplies that will go to a Women & Children's Hospital in Africa. 

We shipped out all our Balikbayan boxes filled with Christmas Shoeboxes for orphans at the King's Garden Children's Home plus clothing and supplies they need throughout the year. 

To our other missionary friends in the Philippines we have supplied shoes, backpacks, children's underwear and shirts the children need for school. We were also able to find some other items that were on their 'Wish List' like commercial can openers and commercial ice cream scoops for feeding thousands of children and adults. We also sent them flip flops for the kiddos, clown makeup to use in their ministry, toners for a printer, craft supplies, the list just goes on and on. Yet there are still needs to be met! If you are interested in providing an item that is on our Missionary Wish List just contact us to find out what those current items are. 

We packed up 5 boxes of supplies that missionaries in South Dakota will use for outreach at Christmas time on the Reservation. It was filled with toys, hair accessories, hats and other fun stuff. 

In the midst of all that fun we shipped 239 lbs of craft supplies, curriculum and Christian books and Bibles for the missionaries in Cape Town, South Africa. One of the cools things about these 239 lbs is we didn't have to purchase nary a one of these items. These were all items donated to our North Ave Thrift Store that we were able to set aside specifically for this project! 

Then as if we weren't already juggling a lot of projects, we told the missionaries about our new website and how they could now see pictures of the items available for them to request from our program. The new website complete with inventory pictures was a hit! We received 8 requests within 24 hours from various missionaries around the world who wanted items that we had to offer them. Those items were pulled, packed and shipped. And it didn't cost the missionaries one cent out of their budget to receive these items. 

Well speaking of all that summer fun..... I gotta get back to work! We have a rush order that needs to be packed and shipped to Spain. Let the fun continue!