Friday, November 21, 2008

Another trip to the Post Office!

These packages are destined for South Dakota, Serbia, Bulgaria, Florida, Missouri, Senegal and Micronesia by way of Colorado.

There are 5 cases of Pedia Sure going to missionaries providing relief supplies to Native Americans, another Christmas package to a missionary family new to our ministry, american magazines going to International destinations to provide a "little taste of home", information, and encouragement; protein bars to an MK on furlough and involved in sports; a new jacket for a missionary based in Missouri; Purpose Driven Life books for missionaries to use for Bible Study on their mission field, and some twist ties going to Senegal to help with bug patrol!
What you don't see in this picture is the two previous trips to the post office. One trip was to ship out the 2 boxes of Christmas Celebration supplies for Native American Children.
The trip before that which included 5 boxes of snowstorm relief supplies containing blankets, flashlights, baby formula, gloves, socks, hats and scarves. Then there were the 4 boxes of toiletries that will be used for a Christmas outreach at an International destination. With that trip we also shipped a printer to a missionary located here in Florida.
The trip to the Post Office before that we shipped out the first wave of International Christmas care packages. It took me five trips to my car with my hand cart to get all the packages into the Post Office!


There are lots of people who work behind the scenes to make God's Share Program what it is today. Recently we have added weekly volunteers which has been a HUGE blessing to me! You know the saying - many hands makes the work light. I found I just can't do it all by myself and do it well. Besides, it is so great to provide opportunities for others to bless the missionaries.

Meet our weekly volunteers.....

This is Kathy. She volunteers from home. She is responsible for making sure all the birthday and anniversary cards are sent out and on time!

This is Adrian. He gets our week off to a great start. He receives in all our donated inventory, making sure it receives an inventory number label. Adrian also stocks the shelves and packs boxes for shipment.

This is Barb, aka "Mom". She volunteers after work on Tuesdays. She helps fill out inventory forms and pack boxes for shipment. She also collects boxes from her workplace which saves her work place money in waste hauling fees and keeps GSP from having to spend money to buy boxes and/or time to find boxes. She is also our official box maker! No box the right size, she can make one. She is also working on making boxes to help display our inventory.

This is Marilynn. She helps input all the information from the inventory form into the database. This allows us to post our inventory on the website for missionaries to order from . It also gives us the means to provide donation letters/lists for those utilizing tax deduction for donated goods.

This is Amy. Amy also helps with data entry.Thanks to a corrupted database file we were forced to come up with our new numberical tracking system while this was a good thing resulting from a bad situation we have quite the backlog of inventory to log into the database. (The corrupted file was no one's fault. I think it stemmed from moving the information back and forth between 2 different computers.) Thanks to the donated computer you see in this picture we know have one computer designated for our inventory database. Now volunteers can work on data entry and I still have my main computer free to work on other GSP projects at the same time. Check out the two trays of paperwork in the picture. The top tray is all items coming in and the bottom one is items going out. All from the last 3 months!

This is Diane. I forgot to take her picture while she was busy packing boxes! Diane helps pack boxes for shipment and also helps with stocking the shelves.

I am so blessed to have all of these folks now helping me on a weekly basis. The first week I was so backlogged with projects that the M.O.D. where we worked was a mess! Now more and more packages are being shipped out on a more timely basis, the shelves are being stocked each week, and that means the M.O.D. is starting to take on an organized look! Soon we'll have all the data entry caught up (no pressure data entry volunteers!) and then we will post our new inventory to the website for all you missionaries to check out!

THANK YOU to every weekly volunteer AND to each and every person who helps GSP in ANY way!

Christmas Celebration Supplies

We sent these 2 boxes full of candy, toys, socks, gloves, and underwear to the missionaries who will be providing a Christmas Celebration to Native American children in South Dakota. Thank you Dade City Christian Church and Victorious Home School Group for helping us collect all the items to send!

Shop 'Til You Drop!

More Shopping! These bags represent 6 hours of shopping! There were Christmas care package items to purchase for missionaries we have just had the privilege of meeting. We also bought snowstorm relief supplies for missionaries in South Dakota to take to a Reservation. If you notice the book in the bottom picture, well, that was the book I was going to read - ha! I put it back on the shelf. No time to read right now!

Christmas Care Packages Awaiting Shipment

My Favorite Chili Chef

Chili Chef Dave

Fall Festival Fundraiser

These pictures were taken at a local Fall Festival where we sold Chili, Spanish Bean Soup, and finished up our Wii/I-Pod/Smoke 'n Grill raffle.

Christmas Stocking Outreach

These stockings were filled with toys, coins, and toiletries. They will be given to Native American children via missionaries in Oklahoma.

SLR Camera - The Voice of Latin American countries

This camera was donated through us to a missionary who will use it to represent those countries that do not have a resident missionary.

Photo Printer

Compact photo printer supplied to a missionary to use at their booth at motorcyle rallies. Photos will provide a reminder/souvenir as people get their picture taken on a Harley and receive the Gospel message.