Wednesday, May 28, 2008


What goes through your mind when someone calls you up and says they are coming over with a Surprise!? Well this was our Surprise today! A vehicle full of markers and highlighters! We've got red ones and blue ones and black ones too! And don't forget yellow highlighters with a nice chisel tip. All of them are click type so no caps to lose!

Big thanks to Lyn and Brenda! These are a wonderful supply of brand new Pentel pens and highlighters for our Missionaries!

The Cost

Really the cost to ship items is priceless. While money is not the focus it takes money to do ministry. As most Missionaries work extrememly hard to raise their own financial support we want to do what we can at God's Share Program to help make their budgets stretch. So we provide toiletries and over the counter remedies. We also take special requests from Missionaries. If they physically can't get an item where they are at or it is just too expensive then we do our best to provide that item. Sometimes a supporter will contact us about an item to see if any of the Missionaries can use it like an e-mail I received a few weeks back wanting to know if any of the Missionary families could use a set of brand new professional style hair clippers. Long story short we had 9 sets donated and 9 Missionary families who needed them! I had responses from the Missionaries that said "our current set won't cut butter when it's hot", "we cut all our own hair and our set is worn out", "I know a national Pastor's wife who wants to start a hair salon as a way to evangelize".... Who would have thunk it??? You know, when it gets right down to it what most of us say we don't have enough of is "time". So even if the financial cost is great to send a package to a Missionary family, but by us providing the items in that package we have saved the Missionary "time" and energy for ministry then whatever the dollar figure it is worth it.

Missions Dollars at Work

Here's a collection of boxes that are ready for their trip to the Post Office. There are 13 boxes total. Dave just returned from the Post Office. See if you can guess what the total cost was to ship these items.........

A Healthy Missionary is a Happy Missionary

Here's a collection of items we are processing to be shipped to a Missionary. Now not all of this is for her alone! Part of her ministry is medical.

Books, Books, and more Books...

We've been in the book collecting business! While we generally work with brand new items, books are a little different. As long as there isn't a bunch of writing and such inside used books are great. I myself love perusing a book sale and used book store. It's a little hard to see what's in this photo but I can tell you there is a stack of Purpose Driven Life books for the Schubert Missionary family to use in ministry; a used Rosetta Stone English software program for the Foster Missionary family to use for ministry (what a great deal this was!); a growing collection of A Beka grade 2 curriculum for the Flanagan Missionary family (thank you to Pastor Dennis and VLA!); reading books for the Page Missionary family and Gryskiewicz Missionary family; in the very corner is a collection of baby bottles, baby blankets, books, and other misc. items going to Zambia; there's a stack of educational software we are collecting for the Gardner Missionary family to use in ministry; there's another stack of books that we are collecting to send to a Missionary who teaches school and would like to build a small library for her students; there may be more to this picture but that's all my brain can remember at the moment!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was a fun day at the Wilson house.

Krisha (Missionary), Lyn, Tamara, Malachi (MK), Dale, and Karryn (MK)

Alan (Dad), Breanna (MK), Lyn, Malachi, Krisha, Tamara, Dale, Karryn

Self Potraits?

Filling out customs forms....

Packing a box of books for a Missionary family.
Since we have our blog page, I've been trying to remember to take a lot of photos. This is such a great way to communicate everything that goes on with God's Share Program since there is so much behind the scenes work. For those occassions when I'm by myself it's a little difficult to document. But I finally realized there is a timer on my digital camera. So I took these pictures of myself "myself". I'm not smiling 'cause it feels a little awkward taking a photo of oneself but hey here they are....

Dave's Tuesday with Kim

This was Dave's first day at the M.O.D. helping pack boxes for shipment. Believe me he's helped in numerous other ways but this evening he was packing and addressing all the hair clipper sets to be mailed out.

Lunch Rendevous

Mom's workplace is a great half way point where I can meet her to pick up donated items that the women's group, Ladies Like Lydia, at her church have collected. So we made it a lunch date.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Projects at GSP

Packets of scrapbooking items will be sent once a month to an MK.
We are looking into some new projects that will allow children and parents to get involved from home.

Undivided Attention

Missionaries get undivided attention at our house - even by Andy.

A Bass for the Dominican Republic

This beautiful bass guitar was donated to us. It has been provided to MKs (Missionary Kids) who serve with their parents in the Dominican Republic. We are still looking for a saxophone, drum set, and Roland RD-300sx keyboard. If you have any of those items sitting in your garage or attic we can put them into the hands of these boys who are anxious to use them in ministry!

Scrapbooking Supplies awaiting Shipment

Scrapbooking materials boxed and ready to go. These are large flat rate boxes. Each individual box costs $49.95 to ship. We are allowed 20 lbs per box. Many of the boxes weigh just over 18 lbs. We get our moneys worth!
This is a picture of more scrapbooking supplies that we have yet to box up. All the supplies are brand new. Each item had to be removed from it's packaging. This helps us be able to pack more items into a box. It also helps the customs officials in other countries know that the Missionaries aren't receiving these items for resale.
These pictures represent thousands of dollars worth of scrapbooking supplies that we received as a donation. Believe it or not, scrapbooking is a means that Missionaries use to build relationship with people so that they can then share with them the hope of Jesus Christ. We are looking for folks to donate funds to get these supplies to the Missionaries. It will cost us about $1,000.00 to ship these materials. It may seem like a lot of money but the cost it takes to reach even one soul is priceless!

Promotional DVD for GSP

We have short promotional DVDs - about 4 minutes long - if your group or church would like to hear more about God's Share Program, here is a great way to start. In this photo, that is our DVD that Jayne is watching. God's Share Program is a 501(c)3 corporation. We meet basic needs and help provide resources to Christian Missionaries all over the world. What we do would not be possible without the donations of private individuals, churches, and businesses.

Snuggy Sightings

What is a Snuggy? A Snuggy is a little stuffed fleece doll. We provide them through GSP. We have folks who volunteer their time to make these dolls and then we ship them to Missionaries to use as evangelistic tools OR we also provide the pattern to people so that they can make Snuggy dolls to give to Missionaries they know which is the case of the picture above.

May 2, 2008

All the pictures from May 2, 2008 are of folks who work at a Weaving Factory in Malawi. Missionary Jayne is giving them the reading glasses, sunglasses, and Bible on Tape that have been provided by GSP. So if you have made monetary donations or you were one who donated a Bible on Tape set, these pictures represent the difference you are making. Check out these smiles!

May 2, 2008

May 2, 2008